Strømme Foundation is a rights-based development NGO that works towards a world free from poverty.

Our most important interventions in the fight against poverty are education, job creation, and the strengthening of civil society. 

Strømme Foundation Norway has a regional office in East Africa. 

In East Africa, we implement education, livelihoods, and civil society strengthening programs in remote and hard to reach areas of Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Kenya.



people supported
in East Africa in 2022


were adolescents and children
below 18 years.

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Creating Livelihoods & Job Opportunities
Improve livelihoods for the rural poor through enhanced income generation.

Ensuring inclusive Quality Education
Ensuring inclusive quality education for disadvantaged groups, especially girls.

Building Strong Societies
Strengthen civil society and the public sector.

Flagship Programmes

2017 Tanzania Bonga OCODE

Bonga - let's talk

This Adolescent Empowerment programme in East Africa restores self-esteem, dignity and a second chance to those that had lost hope and respect to self-reliant, confident individual making a contribution in the homes and communities.

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2017_UGANDA_SCHOOL_TOUR_040 (3422x3272)

Community Managed Saving Groups (CMSGs)

This is the flagship program through which we reach out to vulnerable communities with other interventions to eradicate poverty.

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