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Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET)

This programme sets out to impart youths in the age bracket of 20 – 30 years with employable skills for self-reliance.

TVET aims to create sustainable learning opportunities that nurture youth empowerment and socioeconomic inclusion.

Apprenticeship model 

Strømme Foundation employs an apprenticeship model that is a crossbreed model integrating both the formal and informal models. It involves attachment of apprentices identified from vulnerable households, with local artisans. The apprentice works with the local artisans and learns the respective trade on the job.

Most unemployed youth are able to take up marketable trades that lead to job creation and unemployment opportunities that contribute to their household incomes and the economies of their communities.

The local artisans, who are more experienced and knowledgeable, help to mentor the less experienced trainees in the selected trade, guided by a structured curriculum. This mode of apprenticeship is more cost effective and practical than sending youths to formal vocational institutes.



From no hope to a youth with dreams

- This vocational skill has transformed my life greatly. I have become a more responsible young man in my home, community and full of dreams, says Andrew (19).

Read Andrew's story
2019 Tanzania Project trip Tangen High School


  • Reduce youth unemployment in the project area and East Africa in general.
  • Increase access to skills development Programmes for youth.
  • Improve technical and vocational skills of youth.
  • Increase income for vulnerable households.

Secondary target

The secondary target group comprises the parents and families of the trainees, community leaders, local government representatives who are involved in the processes of planning and implementing the program activities.