"My businesses are booming, and they have helped me to be known in the whole of Butenyl because of supplying eggs and chicken. I am also approached for consultations on Poultry keeping and paid for it."

“A second chance for my dreams and ideas“

Joan’s story has confirmed to us that changing a trajectory and creating sustainable change is surely possible.

Mrs. Nabasa Joan aged 43 years is a determined widower of three (3) children. She owns chickens and feeds business, tea farm and a plot of land. Her dream is to see her children complete University and develop her plot of land. Joan‘s story is one of hope that shows that if people are given an opportunity they can achieve their dreams.

Life before 

Joan lost her husband in 2003 when children were still young, the first born was in P.3. When she lost her husband, life changed because she did not have enough money for school fees for her children and day to day household necessities. She had a business of selling bananas which were small quantities and of poor quality only making her school fees.

Joining the saving group

When SF in partnership with COVOID started in implementing Community Managed saving groups (CMSG)  in Kyamuhunga in 2011, Joan was among the mobilized to go for the CMSG training.

When they were in the 1st cycle, she got a loan equivalent to UGX 300,000 which she used pay school fees for her child who was then in Senior Four. In the middle of the cycle, they were trained in Selection Planning Management which equipped them with tips in selecting and managing an income generating project.

Joan has since taken and serviced several loans that have enabled her to attain her current success. 


“During the training, I was among the ones who loved the concept and we decided to start our CMSG group called Kyabungimbi Twekambe (Meaning kyabungimbi collective effort) which was the second in the whole of kyamuhunga to be created.”


”We started saving at a share value of One thousand Uganda shillings and in a week, I used to save Ten Thousand Uganda shillings. I was also secretary of the group.”


Through the discipline of saving and investing, she has grown her poultry business to 400 chickens.


She has also invested in other business like tea farming and selling chicken feeds.


Dreams and ideas turn into reality

Joan is very happy with the way her life has changed and turned out more especially with her businesses. Her children are now in good schools with the older one at University with no worries and stress of school fees.

She envisages a much better life ahead after all her children are through with University. That is when she hopes to build her home in Ishaka.

Joan’s story has confirmed to us that changing a trajectory and creating sustainable change is surely possible. We get fueled to continue empowering many women like her to dream again. A second chance for my dreams and ideas