Creating Livelihoods & Job Opportunities

We believe that economic inclusion and job creation – ensuring that people have and can take advantage of opportunities to earn a living – leads to poverty eradication.


Vocational training

New knowledge and competence provide new opportunities. In addition to getting more children and young people to start and complete school, we offer relevant vocational training based on local needs and facilitate entrepreneurship for young people and adults.


Saving's groups

We give people the opportunity to take out small loans through their own savings and loan groups. Here they also get new knowledge and new tools to make a living. In the groups, they experience belonging and unity and exchange experiences and ideas.

Ung gutt fra Burkina Faso som jobber med resirkulerte skolepulter.

Green jobs

Global environmental challenges are a major threat to the fight against poverty. In collaboration with other actors, we focus on creating sustainable jobs through improved waste management, renewable energy and robust agricultural methods.


The right to decent work

We work according to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 8 on decent work for all. In particular, we work to ensure that companies and authorities take responsibility and fulfill the rights of employees.

2019 Tanzania Project trip Tangen High School

Young people need income

In many developing countries, more than half of the population is under 25 years of age. Education, vocational training and job opportunities are crucial for a new generation to emerge from poverty.