Building strong societies

Employing a rights-based approach, we work to ensure that the voices of the poor are heard, and that their rights are realised. To achieve this, we work to strengthen civil society and the public sector.

2016 Bangladesh Floating School

Empowering people

Strømme Foundation maximises impact through programmes that empower people, especially women and girls, to be agents of change in their communities.

2018 Nepal Samvad

Mobilising communities

Organising rights holders at the community level through structures such as Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Self-Help groups and savings groups is central for impact and sustainability.

Government staff at gender office i Juba


We work closely with local and national authorities. This ensures local ownership of our programmes and promotes justice and democratic participation. It also enables rights holders to gain access to the services they are entitled to.


Gender equality is a human right.

The UN's Sustainable Development Goal 5 is a priority in our work to strengthen the position of girls and women in society. Gender equality is about giving men and women, opportunities to decide over their own lives and abolishing gender-based discrimination.


We fight against discrimination.

Everywhere in the world, people experience oppression, and in many societies caste-based and gender-based discrimination are prevalent. Without addressing discrimination and oppression, we will be unable to fight poverty in a sustainable way.